Terms and conditions for online surveys


Pricing is valid for 90 days from the date prepared.


In the event that this project is canceled, fees will be applied as follows:

Pre-Field Launch, a management fee of $500 in addition to any incurred programming fees will be assessed.

Post-Field Launch, a management fee of $500, all programming fees, and cost per interview fees and incentives will be assessed.

Study specification

Costs submitted are based upon client specifications and changes to any of these specifications may result in a change in cost. Incidence has been estimated based on available information. If project incidence falls below the estimated percentage stated in this quotation, Schlesinger Interactive reserves the right to adjust costs and timing for the project. In the event that Schlesinger Interactive is required to engage a third party to supplement sample, the client will be informed and approval will be required.


When quoted, these costs are estimated and subject to change based upon the final questionnaire design, complexity, and overall survey length. The final price will be provided upon receipt of the finalized survey instrument and requirements.

Advance and final payments

We request an advance of 50% of the anticipated project costs within 15 days of contract execution. A final invoice will be submitted upon the conclusion of the project. Final invoices are due within 30 days.

Completion rates

Costs per completed interview include a suspend rate of up to 15%. If the suspend rate exceeds 15% for any reason, the costs are subject to change and the feasibility and/or timeline may be impacted.


No information regarding panel member’s personal information may be collected. This includes, but is not limited to respondent’s name, contact information (email, phone, fax, street address, etc.) without written notice and approval from Schlesinger Interactive.

Client supplied sample

Written approval will be required by the client if Schlesinger Interactive is requested to contact respondents directly via email. The approval will include how, when and for what purpose the list was recruited. The invitation to the respondent will include information about how the list was obtained and will also include a survey opt-out link so that respondents can be removed from the provided list.

Quotas and overages

For Schlesinger Interactive hosted surveys, the client will be responsible for payment of the total number of completed interviews and up to 10% of the over quota completed interviews (including both the cost and honorarium). For over quota completes which exceed 10% of total completes, the client will only be responsible for paying honoraria for all over quota completed interviews. Schlesinger Interactive will make every effort to control the overall total and individual quotas however due to the technical restrictions of online data collection some overages may occur.

For client- hosted surveys, including surveys hosted by third party who are commissioned by the client, the client is fully responsible for controlling all quotas and will be charged for all over -quota completed interviews (including both the cost and honorarium).


The client (or third party commissioned by the client) is fully responsible for removing or disqualifying any duplicate respondents during the screening process and prior to survey qualification, when the client is hosting an online survey and Schlesinger Interactive is providing sample. The client will be responsible for payment of the total number of completed interviews and all over quota completed interviews (including both the cost and honorarium).


Schlesinger Interactive utilizes rigorous respondent recruiting and panel management processes. We carefully monitor respondent behaviors internally and disqualify respondents that are deemed unengaged. If the client desires to utilize their proprietary disqualification criteria, it must be provided to and agreed by Schlesinger Interactive upon project initiation.

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