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Whether you require an end-to-end solution or just a piece of the puzzle, deliver the best insights by combining the very best in online qualitative research platforms with high-quality project management and expertise in recruitment.

Our methodologies

Online communities Chat room focus groups
Mobile qualitative research Webcam-enabled focus groups
Video diaries Bulletin board focus groups


Why Choose Schlesinger for your Online Qualitative needs?

Optimized recruitment for increased Engagement

We ensure your respondents are not only on target but are actively engaged to optimize the value of your research

Better partnership, from a consultative approach to your success

With multiple platform partnerships, we are free to select the best technology on the market.  Our online qualitative experts help you choose the right method or platform for your research objective and your budget.

Confidence in your success, managed by expert project managers

From project set up, platform training and management, recruitment, respondent engagement task optimization and results delivery, we have you covered each step of the way

Fit the right solution to your objective, using our wide portfolio of solutions

Communities and bulletin boards, digital ethnographies and video-diaries, platforms feature full mobile functionality, video clip editors, task optimization, mark-up tools, gamification, word clouds and word trees – with full support for troubleshooting any platform issues.

Multi-method studies made easy

We seamlessly integrate online qualitative with traditional methodologies or quantitative surveys.


Some benefits of online qualitative methods

Expand your international reach:

Conduct multi-location groups in one evening or separately or recruit respondents that cut across geographic boundaries to bring far-flung respondents together. Multi-language capabilities open up new markets.

Gain insight in one day or in longitude:

Conduct multi-location research in one day or over a wider timescale to meet specifics objectives or understand wider perspectives.

Increase your speed to market:

Fast recruitment and no travel schedules allow you to conduct more research in less time.

Get answers in the field and on the go:

With mobile functionality of platforms

Gain a unique perspective into the behaviors of target audiences:

Along with rich, qualitative data, through a social media-based approach.  

Enhance participation experience with multi-media tools:

Our solutions come with a range of multi-media capabilities to enrich the online experience. Participants can mark up stimulus with visual images and text providing your clients with creative, visual feedback direct from their consumers.


US & Global Studies: Jason Horine

International Field Office in US
Nadine Casaletto, Director Global Qualitative
Tel.: +1  (732) 670-3397

International Field Office in Europe
Stephan Schmid, Managing Director
Tel.: +49 89 23 18 10-126

"The Impact of Recruiting Method on Online Qual Research":


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