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Facility address: (Passerelles Bastille)
8/10, rue Saint Nicolas
75012 Paris. France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 19 95 10  
Fax.: +33 (0)1 53 33 04 50

Administration address (ConsuMed Research)
10, rue Mercoeur
Paris 75011, France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 53 33 83 80   Fax.: +33 (0)1 53 33 04 50

Managing Director Schlesinger Europe: Eric Nalpas

ConsuMed Research provides outstanding recruitment and project management services for your studies in France. Schlesinger Associates had used the services of ConsuMed Research for over four years prior to its acquisition and we have come to know and trust the quality of ConsuMed's services first hand. At ConsuMed you will be guaranteed an uncompromising commitment to your success.

ConsuMed Research specializes in taking care of international clients and our bilingual team has a genuine understanding of your international expectations including accommodating time zone and public holiday variances.

We recruit for any kind of market research study, including focus groups, IDIs, ethnographies, telephone interviews and quantitative studies. Our recruitment markets include, healthcare, consumer, IT and business-to-business.

ConsuMed Research is  ISO certified.

ISO 9001     ISO 20252

Services Overview


Research Available Services Language
Before the Research
    • Recruitment
  • In-depth research
  • Choice of the most appropriate facility for your qualitative study
  • Translation of all research material
During the Research
  • Provision of a moderator experienced in your type of study
  • Provision of a notetaker
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Transcript translation
  • Report translation
  • Translation of report summary
After the Research  
  • Coding and sorting
  • Transcription


Consumer & B2B studies:  Mélanie Félix

Healthcare studies (Patient & Practitioner): David Sperat-Czar

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    June 22, 2017 - Schlesinger is excited to announce the acquisition of BDI Research, a research services company with facilities in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

  • 360 immersive video

    October 14, 2016 - Introducing 360° immersive video for focus groups. The system features 360° cameras that put observers at the center of the conversation, creating a whole new experience for observers and compelling video for researchers.

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