Roissy- Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Orly (OLY)
Approx 40 mins
Approx. 40 mins by Taxi - cost approx 55€
Approx 1hr 10 mins by Metro or RER rail.


(From London, we would always recommend the Eurostar over flying)
Eurostar from London arrives at Gare Du Nord.
Allow for the possibility of a wait for a taxi at the station
Tip: If you are traveling business class on Eurostar, the lounge staff can arrange for a taxi to be waiting at the Eurostar platform exit.
Tip: Book a train coach with a highest number available which will take you to the front of the platform and hence the front of the taxi queue.

Main Train Station

Gare du Nord
Taxi from station (approx 10 mins journey)

Metro Stations

Grands Boulevards - Line (ligne) 8 or 9 -
Exit 5 - rue St Fiacre
Bourse - Line (ligne) 3
Grands Boulevards is slightly nearer to both focus group facilities

See map of Paris metro stations


Tip: If you require a taxi in Paris we recommend that you book in advance via your hotel or viewing facility. It is nearly impossible to hail a taxi in Paris, even if the 'available' light is showing on the taxi.
There are however, taxi ranks at major transport terminals and around the city.
Some taxis will take credit cards but charge an admin fee (check if credit cards are accepted when you order your taxi).
Most taxis now have GPS however, it is always useful to have printed out a map of where you are going in case of driver knowledge or language difficulties.


Park Alizés - Rex Atrium -
rue 5-7 rue de Faubourg Poissonnière,
75009 Paris

Paris Bourse
Place de la Bourse
75002 Paris
(pedestrian Access: rue Feydeau / rue Montmartre)


Eurostar from London arrives at Gare Du Nord 


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  • BDI Acquisition

    June 22, 2017 - Schlesinger is excited to announce the acquisition of BDI Research, a research services company with facilities in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

  • 360 immersive video

    October 14, 2016 - Introducing 360° immersive video for focus groups. The system features 360° cameras that put observers at the center of the conversation, creating a whole new experience for observers and compelling video for researchers.

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    September 5, 2016 - Schlesinger has once again collaborated with the QRCA to fund the Young Professionals Grant to give young qualitative research professionals the opportunity to attend the QRCA annual conference.

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