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Stephan Lange, Managing Director recommends:
Schleusenkrug beer garden

"As someone who has lived in Berlin all his life, I find  the best things are just around the corner, like, for example, the lovely Schleusenkrug pub, only a few minutes' stroll away from our office. Enjoy a couple of cold beers with colleagues or introduce clients to the delights of Berlin's traditional beer gardens. The culinary highlight is the Flammkuchen, a kind of bacon, egg and onion tart. "

Markus Herbig, Managing Director recommends:
Restaurant Kim Chi

"People who love Asian food tell me that Korean is the trendiest food around. In Berlin, however, Korean food isn't the latest craze - it's been on the menu for quite some time, for me, anyway! Whenever I am in Berlin I treat myself to a great Korean meal."  The Kim Chi is Berlin's oldest Korean restaurant. The Cho family has been serving authentic Korean food to the German capital's citizens since 1979. The next generation is continuing the tradition: traditional Korean food, served with a smile so their guests may enjoy the famous Korean hospitality."

Wittys - food-pioneers from Berlin

"The famous Currywurst is not exactly health food! Nevertheless, Currywurst and Berlin are one and the same thing. The Currywurst around the corner to Wittys on Wittenbergplatz is at least organic, so you don't feel quite as guilty - seeing that a Currywurst is simply a must for any visitor to this city!  When Wittys opened  in 2003, it was the first snack bar in Germany specialising in organic food and quickly turned into an institution. Home-made sausages and sauces make for the very best that Berlin has to offer."

Restaurant 44 - Roof Garden

"Pleasure without feeling guilty...to sit in a herb garden high above the roof-tops of the City-West area and enjoy a first-class meal...time to leave the rat-race for a few precious hours and relax. This place is the epitomy of Berlin, a vibrant city full of extreme opposites. The kitchen is the realm of 'herb nomad' Daniel Kresovic. He has been given his nickname not only for the herb garden he has designed on the roof terrace - exotic herbs like plum sage and purple chillies make their way straight from the roof into the pots of his kitchen. Which leads to the creation of such opulent meals as 'arctic samlet in purple garlic stock'..."

The Café Rix and Heimathafen Neukölln in the Saalbau

"The Rix represents everything that is great about Berlin. Rix is a café, restaurant and gallery, a symbiosis of art and gastronomy - all under one roof. Housed in a lovingly restored period building, the inviting rooms feature wonderful period details like gold stucco and huge mirrors, and offer plenty of old-fashioned coffee house flair. The quiet courtyard garden with its large chestnut tree is the perfect place to relax. The menu is varied, offering everything from traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner to speciality teas and coffees.


Pestalozzistr. 88
10625 Berlin
Tel: 030/3123937
Great Italian menu

Restaurant Lutter & Wegner

Schlüterstr. 55
10629 Berlin
Tel: 030/8813440
Traditional German and Austrian dishes.


Alternative things to do

Stephan Schmid, Managing Director recommends:
'Fan Mile' in Berlin

"In the last week of June, this gathering of music and entertainment is not just for football fans like myself, but for anyone and everyone - all those who enjoy sharing their 'joie de vivre' with others, regardless of the language they speak, where they come from and what they will be doing the next day - the only thing that counts is peaceful togetherness, right here, right now!"

Floating and Massage in Berlin's beautiful flotation bath

A couple of hours in a floating tank at the end of 'one of those days' works wonders for your inner peace, all of a sudden, the world seems a better place again.


"...how to relax even if you only have time for a short break...super instructors, relaxing, pleasant atmosphere, always worth doing…"

Roller blading

"A fantastic route has been set aside for rollerbladers in the Wuhlheide park at Karlshorst, featuring plenty of picnic spots and rest areas. Perfect for adults and children alike, professional skaters and absolute beginners." 

Short-Trip around the World' at the Marzahn R&R Park

"...visit the 'Gardens of the World' at Marzahn and let the flowers work their magic! Stroll through the Balinese Garden, enjoy a cup of Chinese tea in the Chinese Garden, let the Japanese Garden's Feng Shui lift your spirits, or go for a relaxing walk in the Korean Garden. Discover the Italian Renaissance Garden, get lost in an English maze, or follow the Minotaur's trail through the labyrinth....enjoy eastern Berlin's green oasis"

Globetrotter Equipment at the Steglitzer Kreisel (Underground & Metropolitan Railway Station Rathaus Steglitz).

"A paradise not just for lovers of the great outdoors. They don't just sell things - you can try almost all of them out: the canoes in a boating-pool, sleeping bags in a cold-room, even hiking boots - on a treadmill! The only thing they don't sell, unfortunately, is sportswear. Never mind, they have plenty of outdoor-equipment, though (anything from anoraks to tents) and the staff are very knowledgeable . Worth a visit even if you don't need more than a travel toothbrush."

Berlin City bike rental

"After a long day at the Berlin facilities, you hire a bike and take a tour of Berlin. It's fun and you get to see Berlin from a completely different perspective. Guided themed tours are also an option."


"Urban bath culture - experience this water world with all your senses - definitely recommended!  A very special experience: water music, and not just by Handel, completely redefined!  this bath offers an extraordinary and unforgettable experience...presumably designed market researchers in mind as they are open until midnight!"

'Pool Ship' and boat - the MS Hoppetosse

"During the summer months, Berlin's numerous 'beach bars' are the place to be. If the beach bar then happens to be onboard an old freight ship - well, things just don't get any better than that! Fun on the beach and party. This old freighter, converted into a swimming pool, is one of Berlin's hippest places with open-air bar, scenic views of the city and a super-trendy hang-out. Special events including classical music concerts, art performances, movie screenings, parties and live music make a visit on board an unforgettable experience. Music styles are as varied as jazz and salsa, reggae, techno and house."

The Freischwimmer

"At the Schleusenufer in the Kreuzberg district, a special location, a place to chill-out canal side at sunset."

Marheineke Markthalle

"Berlin is well-known for its old farmer's and covered markets, and the Marheineke Markthalle in Kreuzberg is the heart and soul of the local Bergmann-Kiez area, located on Marheinekeplatz square. Everything that is sold here is organic, fresh, and/or regional, then there are the speciality foods from around the world, too. You can buy almost any food here and it's a fun place to people-watch while enjoying the aromas, the flavours, the sounds."

Kunsthaus TACHELES

The 'Kunsthaus TACHELES', a centre for the arts housed in a dilapidated building in Berlin-Mitte. A space where contemporary art is produced and presented, an architectural monument full of historical significance as well as an experimental self-governing collective. A place for events and creative processes, always open."

Open-air cinema Freiluftkino Kreuzberg

"The Kreuzberg open-air cinema is one of the oldest outdoor-cinemas in Berlin,  Enjoy great movies in the original version, and the lovely summer nights. The Kreuzberg open-air cinema also shows international movies, usually in the original version, with subtitles. Just what the doctor ordered after a long day of market research: a good film, a cold drink, and plenty of fresh air!"

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