Aaron J Shaw

Senior Vice President, Qualitative Solutions, New Jersey & New York City

Exceptional service comes from the heart. It is delivered by people who can put themselves in the shoes of the people they are serving and who genuinely care about the experience they create. This service is based on trust with our clients and trust that our colleagues will always strive for excellence. When I employ people in my team, I seek out the people who know the power of a genuine smile and have a natural understanding of meaning of true service.
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Employee of the Year 2013/14

The Sarah B. Schlesinger Employee of the Year Award

In 2011, the Schlesinger Associates family created an Employee of the Year award, in honor of our Founder, Sarah Schlesinger and to annually recognize an employee who has demonstrated the company values founded by Sarah and held dear by the company for today and for the future.


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  • 360 immersive video

    October 14, 2016 - Introducing 360° immersive video for focus groups. The system features 360° cameras that put observers at the center of the conversation, creating a whole new experience for observers and compelling video for researchers.

  • Young Professionals Grant

    September 5, 2016 - Schlesinger has once again collaborated with the QRCA to fund the Young Professionals Grant to give young qualitative research professionals the opportunity to attend the QRCA annual conference.

  • High-definition recording

    June 23, 2016 - HD video recording has been installed in our US focus group facilities. Clients now have the choice of SD or HD video format. Learn more..

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