We are thinking green

Our mission:

We deliver outstanding participant recruitment and research services worldwide, while being a good neighbor in our communities and a responsible visitor on our planet.

At Schlesinger Associates, we deeply respect the environment.  And we are increasing our efforts to protect it. From our facility operations to the products we use, from conserving resources to choosing green vendors; we're doing our part to keep the earth healthy.

Environmental representative

Schlesinger Associates has a forward thinking Environmental Committee examining each area of the business, promoting responsible working practices and striving at every level to reduce our company's environmental footprint.

Reducing our waste

We monitor the waste we produce and work to minimize it. We continually increase the amount we recycle and seek to improve our recycling procedures. Whenever possible, we will ensure the goods and services we purchase used, managed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. We monitor our energy consumption and continue to minimize it conserving energy

Significant reduction in printed materials and mailings

Our company  e-updates, rather than traditional mail campaigns, our flexible CMS website, our digital signage, our introduction of pdf invoices are just a few ways in which we are keeping you in the picture while THINKING GREEN.

Recycled materials

Where we do need to use paper to communicate, we now do so, wherever possible, on 100% recycled paper and card. Schlesinger now seeks environmentally-friendly items made from recycled materials.

Selecting green suppliers

Suppliers that bid for our business now also need to prove their commitment to the environment as well as the quality and pricing.

Reducing our travel

We recognize the value in-person contact and when it is essential. As our team and client base grow internationally, we know it is important to consider the effects of the use of cars, planes and trains on the environment when we need to meet people.

We commit to sensible travel strategies, which can be as simple as planning ahead to ensure local directors can attend local events to minimize travel.

We optimize the use of webinars and webcam systems as an option for  internal and external communications. 

We build eco-friendly solutions into our portfolio of services, offering a comprehensive choice of online research solutions, with multi-media tools, that reduce the need for travel, while offering important qualitative insights.

New trees

While we are increasing our efforts to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle in our business decisions, we recognize that we cannot eliminate our global footprint and that we must offset some energy consumption created by ourselves and our clients using our facilities. With this in mind, since 2008, Schlesinger Associates has donated funds to Arbor Day Foundation for the planting of 10,000 national forest trees. This initiative not only contributes to our goal of investing funds in tree planting to absorb CO2 but also to restore the natural beauty and essential wildlife habitat to these areas devastated by record wildfire seasons in recent years .


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