Dials - Perception Analyzer

Enhance, simplify and accelerate your data collection. Measure audience reaction to concepts, communications and media, eliciting honest and uncontaminated feedback, in real-time.

Dials by Schlesinger, allows you to increase the value of your qualitative research through this response measurement technique which gathers instantaneous data from an audience responding to stimuli. The solution combines the qualitative insights of a focus group with the quantitative precision of a survey.

Gauge interest and appeal to a concept or media via closed-end questions responded to non-verbally and anonymously, promoting unbiased participation and delivering results live to you and your clients.  

Powered by Perception Analyzer®, a tested and trusted data collection tool, Dials by Schlesinger uses the latest dials models, well maintained and supported by a knowledgeable and moderator-friendly Technical Facilitator who will guide you through your study,

Quickly Understand Perceptions and Better Predict Outcomes:

  • Get real-time efficient collection, aggregation and presentation of data
  • Determine the direction and intensity of attitudes and opinions
  • Increase group engagement and participation and easily interact with participants
  •  Encourage honest responses through anonymity
  •  Reduce the impact of group dynamics
    Allow everyone in the your group or audience an equal voice
  • Use live data to adapt to real-time responses to drive group discussions
  • Obtain Immediate and flexible reporting

Flexible reporting

  • Data is immediately available
  • Option to share live results with moderator, participants and clients, as preferred
  • Set and review demographic profiles for the data collected
  • Display data in aggregate or by subset, and analyze data across multiple subsets.
  • Superimpose results over the visual stimuli and include in your report in video  format
  •  Save the data in different file formats, including:  SPSS, Excel®, PowerPoint®, or export data for advanced group analytics
  • Reports and overlays can be made available through a secure web portal


Supporting you all the way

We help you at every step to integrate the Perception Analyzer® into your study.  Our Dials by Schlesinger Technical Facilitator is on-site with you during your entire study, setting up your sessions, running the system and making any adjustments to adapt to developments of your session. We:

  • Program the questions into the Perception Analyzer ® software
  • Ensure relevant onsite needs are met
  • Deliver the Perception Analyzer system to the project venue
  • Set up and test the system with the on-site audio/visual equipment
  • Operate the Perception Analyzer system during your sessions
  • Deliver data files and present results in a range of formats and profile sub-sets, as needed


Contact Us

To learn more about how Dials by Schlesinger can enhance your qualitative study, contact

Scott Baker, VP, Qualitative Solutions
Dials@SchlesingerAssociates.com   (T) +1 310-295-3045

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