360 immersive video


Introducing FV360 LIVE, FocusVision’s breakthrough system that dramatically increases the speed, sharing and impact of qualitative insights.

It starts with immersive video

A 360° camera places remote and onsite research observers in the center of the conversation  - just like being in the room - where expressions, emotions and non-verbal cues can be clearly witnessed.

Not just for remote observers

Collaborate from the viewing room.  Memphis feeds the camera signal to a backroom monitor, enabling in person observers to see all respondents “face-to-face.” All observers can actively collaborate in real time using embedded chat, video markers and file sharing.

Advanced video management

Easy clipping, video top-lines and collaboration.  FV360 interview video is directly uploaded to FV Video Insights, the industry’s most-advanced video management application. Video content can be rapidly transcribed for easy text-based search, video reporting and sharing of learnings with key stakeholders. FV360 projects include 30 days of FV Video Insights access.

FocusVision Service Options

 FV Classic    Standard static streaming

360 immersive video to viewing room only

 FV360  Live   

360 immersive video with streaming

 FV Video Insights    Video management platform


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Complimentary   FV360 workshop

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Complimentary Technology Day

March 3

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