Healthcare research

Schlesinger Associates and its companies have built a reputation as one of the largest and most innovative research service providers in the world.  We specialize in healthcare data collection with over 65% of our business focusing on medical and pharmaceutical research for both professional and patient populations.

  • We conduct over 8,000 healthcare studies annually.  
  • Through our panel and partner network we have access to 70,000 medical professionals including surgeons, specialists and PCPs as well as nurses, pharmacists and hospital administration staff.
  • We maintain a patient panel and partner network giving access to over 3 million panelists worldwide.
  • We are continually developing our expertise in helping researchers understand the medical landscape.


Online surveys Focus Groups
Chat room focus groups In-depth interviews
Online communities Tele-depth interviews   
Webcam-enabled focus groups IHUTS
Bulletin board focus groups Eye tracking labs
Mobile qualitative research  Usability labs
Video diaries  Biometric labs
Quantitative methodologies Ethnographic/immersion research
  Interactive Wall for Focus Groups and IDIs


MedQuery joins Schlesinger Qualitative

MedQuery, a specialized healthcare recruitment company has joined the Schlesinger Group as part of our Schlesinger Qualitative Solutions for healthcare research. 
Chris Lee is Executive Vice President of Schlesinger Qualitative - US Medical

MedQuery Advisors Logo

Thought leaders

MedQuery|Advisors connects healthcare knowledge seekers with vetted world-class thought leaders. 

MQA offers highly customized connections to specific knowledge providers and then quickly facilitates one-on-one consultations and advisory boards domestically and abroad.  Clinicians, managed care, payers and administrators are just some of the types of thought leaders available to clients ranging from consulting firms, market research firms, PR agencies and financial service firms.

Difficult study? Low-incidence patient populations?

MedQuery|Advisors thrives on meeting the challenges of tough healthcare recruits.  Up have the option of requesting our specialized service for a team with deep connections and or pragmatic and committed approach will help you meet your research  goals for single or multi-market studies.

Online healthcare surveys

Schlesinger Online Solutions provides online surveys through its highly engaged patient and carer online community and its extensive panel of healthcare professionals.

Global qualitative solutions

Our Global qualitative team allows you to take the pulse of international markets with just one expert point of contact.


US: Chris Lee

UK: Laura Haxton

France: David Sperat Czar

Germany:  Stephan Lange

Global: Nadine Casaletto

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  • BDI Acquisition

    June 22, 2017 - Schlesinger is excited to announce the acquisition of BDI Research, a research services company with facilities in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

  • 360 immersive video

    October 14, 2016 - Introducing 360° immersive video for focus groups. The system features 360° cameras that put observers at the center of the conversation, creating a whole new experience for observers and compelling video for researchers.

  • Young Professionals Grant

    September 5, 2016 - Schlesinger has once again collaborated with the QRCA to fund the Young Professionals Grant to give young qualitative research professionals the opportunity to attend the QRCA annual conference.


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