Interactive Wall

The Wall by Schlesinger

A breakthrough solution to research engagement and collaboration challenges.


The Wall as a tool for qualitative engagement

A dynamic multi-window interactive wall for both free-form or structured display of variety of study stimuli.

Clients behind the mirror enjoy full view of the respondents' interaction with the stimulus on The Wall.


  • Focus Groups, Triads and IDIs for:
  • High impact interactive tool
  • Single-solution platform for any content as stimulus
  • Stimulus comparison tool on a panoramic canvas
  • Studies requiring respondent collaboration
  • Qualitative studies where high engagement is a challenge or critical
  • Advisory boards
  • Interactive VDIs (video depth-interviews)



  • Enhances story telling
  • Engagement both sides of the mirror
  • Complex Stimuli
  • Groups of up to 6 work simultaneously at the wall
  • Data Visualization
  • Better Concept Evaluation
  • Marked up responses
  • Deeper Insights
  • Faster reporting and Insight

The Wall as a Client Synthesis Tool


  • Big data evaluation
  • Brainstorming and group exercises
  • Strategic meetings
  • Research results reviews
  • Design reviews
  • Story boarding
  • Product and project planning
  • Product demos
  • Real-time business or data management
  • Multi-site meetings


  • Leverage a central repository of information from which insights can be actioned
  • Easily access local and cloud data is with fast show/hide/compare features
  • Manipulate and project data
  • Create high-impact visualization
  • Provide an immersive experience and optimum ergonomic viewing and interaction
  • Inspire dynamic collaboration and brainstorming environment to take idea generation and decision making to a whole new level
  • Share, annotate and edit information and directly on the platform
  • Gain management buy-in
  • Quickly add information to the repository  as required through the cloud or your VPN
    Facilitate multi-site meetings


For Further information:

Rob Ramirez
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development

To include use of The Wall in a qualitative bid contact:

NYC facility: AJ Shaw
Vice President, Qualitative Solutions

Chicago facility: Gina Jaeger
Account Director, Qualitative Solutions

Los Angeles facility: Scott Baker
Vice President, Qualitative Solutions


The Wall by SchlesingerInteractive Wall Simulates Collaboration

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