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Schlesinger Interactive is your online communities services partner. We support your online community study by providing recruitment, project management and, where required, a leading community platform from which to host your community, engage with your targets and capture your results.

Discover our online communities and gain a unique perspective into the behaviors of target audiences along with rich, qualitative data, through a social media-based approach.  

Our private online communities provide the opportunity to continually collaborate with your members and to learn about their lives. This social engagement environment allows for bonds to develop between members and for a deeper understanding of an audience and its needs and behaviors

Lifecycles vary, from those that are objective-specific and have a duration of a matter of weeks or months, to those that exist in perpetuity, providing a constant source for fast answers to questions, as they arise.  

Expert recruitment

At Schlesinger Associates, finding outstanding participants for your chosen methodology is in our blood. Nationally and internationally, our expert recruitment teams carefully create and screen your private community membership around a targeted set of client objectives:

Examples of shorter-term  objectives Examples of longer-term  objectives

Our recruitment process

  1. We believe in asking the right questions to ensure we truly understand your target community members and in talking through your screener to ensure it achieves your goals.  
  2. We always encourage starting the recruitment process early so that rolling recruitment can be used to monitor and predict take-up rates and save you costs.
  3. We typically use online screeners to recruit your members from our deeply-profiled panel or a client list and we are also perfectly positioned to provide telephone recruitment where community size allows. We won't shy away from hard-to find recruits and we take a resourceful and determined approach to finding your targets.
  4. We encourage additional screening,  specific to online communities. This typically includes questions around social networking habits plus articulation questions to establish a person's ability to express thoughtful  responses. These measures help ensure your targets are active and valuable members of your community.
  5. In line with all our recruitment processes, careful checking and verification of those that meet the screener is undertaken to avoid fraudulent or professional respondent participation.
  6. We then aim to send out invitations to those selected as quickly as possible to optimize the response rate
  7. During the community life, we review progress with you and are always ready to refresh and top up membership, as needed, to maintain a dynamic and well-balanced community.


At Schlesinger, we work with a variety of trusted online community platforms across the globe and select the platform that best suits your study methodology.

Community management service

Community management service ensures engagement is high and the community is a welcoming, safe and rewarding place to be.  For multi-language studies, we also provide translation of members' contributions, as often as you need.

Combining methodologies

While a robust stand-alone research solution, an online community can be combined other methods, commonly, ethnographies, IHUTs and follow-up telephone interviews to meet the full requirements of your study needs. Larger communities also serve as a platform for online surveys. 

We partner with you to seamlessly handle recruitment and project management for research requiring hybrid solutions. Whether in series or in parallel, we offer you the choice of one project management point of contact throughout.  


Jason Horine
Vice President,  Client Development
(T) +1 (913) 403-9300

"The Impact of Recruiting Method on Online Qual Research":


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