In-person eye tracking

Our MobiLAB™ ET eye tracking service, powered by Tobii, provides both qualitative and quantitative results that allow you to climb into the eyes and mind of a consumer to gain true insight into a product’s design implications.

Eye tracking is a combined software and hardware package designed unobtrusively to capture the conscious and unconscious eye gaze movement of a respondent. A unique and reliable methodology for assessing design impact or usability of websites, advertisements, brochures, logos, packaging, retail display and product design.

Three eye tracking solutions are available to best suit your research objective:

Why use eye tracking?

  • Captures all eye gaze movements instantly (showing what, when, for how long and in what order information is absorbed and processed by the respondent)
  • Observe in real time or post-testing
  • Avoid respondent bias
  • Unobtrusive technology
  • Pre-test designs to ensure they achieve the desired impact
  • Understand user behavior and predict audience responses
  • Maximize the impact of your marketing and design success

Striking visual data for presentation

  • Show visualizations such as gaze plots and hot spots to effectively illustrate how individuals or groups of people look at your design and where to place valuable content
  • Use statistics and graphs to identify and back up your conclusions about what people see and for how long

Learn more about how Eye Tracking can dramatically increase the value of your market research.  Also learn more about upgrading your eye tracking lab to an integrated lab and how this could validate your research data even further.



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