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Utilize our biometric labs to conduct scientifically valid message testing that will optimize your clients' ability to create and deliver brand messages that powerfully connect with the minds of their target.

Neuromarketing has emerged as a methodology that enables researchers to get inside the minds of consumers and record responses as they mentally process and respond to brand messages. Our biometric labs measure emotional and cognitive responses to stimuli revealed through nervous system activity that participants are unable to fully share via self-report methods.

Differentiate between cognitive and emotional responses that are likely to enhance brand communication from those that might interfere with effective communication. Biometric measures index brain processes during real-time message exposure, on an instant-by-instant level, capturing data that reveals very specific effects of message features that lay the foundation for persuasion.

By combining our biometric labs with other methodologies (such as in-depth interviews or online surveys), you are able to collect data that provides a holistic view of how consumers process and respond to your clients' messages. Schlesinger Associates provides one dedicated project manager for hybrid studies.

Biometric measures utilized to capture data

Our labs access and objectively measure responses revealed through activity of the peripheral nervous system, including:

Heart rate
Facial muscle activity
Facial muscle movement, including micro muscle movement, lends insight into emotional responses occurring at less conscious levels
SkIn responses
Monitoring the body's sympathetic nervous system, galvanic skin response (GSR) is a biometric measure that determines emotional stimulation. By connecting to the skin on a participant's hand, the intensity of reactions as associated with pleasure, displeasure and anxiety can be detected though sweat gland activity.
Eye tracking
Tracks and monitors where the subjects' eyes travel as they view media to determine what elements they noticed and, more importantly, pin-points the elements they focused on.

Access to expert analysis of your data

Data revealed from biometrics testing is scientifically complex and analytical support by experts in cognitive and emotional data is required. Schlesinger Associates provides access to moderator training and biometric analytical support via ComScience Minds, experts in media psychophysiology, enabling moderators to run biometric labs and then report to the clients comprehensively on their findings for developing psychologically powerful brand messaging.

ComScience Minds scientific experts:

Dr. Michelle Murphy Niedziela 
A behavioral neuroscience expert in neuropsychology, psychology and consumer science with a focus on flavor and fragrance technologies, Dr. Niedziela is experienced in both academic and industry environments. Michelle obtained a PhD and masters in neuroscience and biopsychology from Purdue University and a BS in psychology from Florida State University.

Dr. Arthur Kover, former Editor of the Journal of Advertising Research.  PhD. Yale .  Retired Chair of Marketing Department at Fordham University. 

A ComScience analysis report features graphical representation of biometric results along with psychological interpretation and specific brand message insights drawn from the data. Learn more about ComScience Minds

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Find a moderator

Find a moderator who has attended our Biometric Labs for Moderators training seminar.

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