Find a biometric lab moderator

Moderators who have attended the Schlesinger Biometric Labs For Moderators training course.

Frank Della Rosa
Principal, Symphonetic Insight
Tel. +1 781-974-2793
Jennifer Destin
VP, Qualitative Insights, CBA 
Tel. +1 914-478-9355
Lori Ferzandi
Consultant, Harper Global
Tel. +1 317-594-1500 (x 211)
Pam Goldfarb Liss
Big Brain/President, LitBrains - Igniting Ideas!
Tel. +1 845-358-2321/612-723-0523
Advertising, Hybrid, Kids/Teens, Mobile
Wyndy Greene-Smelser
Principal, WGS Consulting
Tel. +1 404-398-7288
Healthcare, Medical & Aesthetics
Coats Guiles
President, Guiles Associates (GA), Inc.
Tel: +1  212-967-6165 (x 30)
Abby Leafe
Principal, New Leafe Research
Tel. +1 215-497 -974
Usability, Online, Consumer, Technology
Terri Maciolek, Ph.D.
President, OPUS Marketing Research
Tel. +1 610- 649-3364
Peggy Moulton-Abbot, PRC
Principal/Moderator, Newfound Insights LLC
Tel. +1 757-574-3530
 - Published article and case study
Catch up with Peggy at her The plenary session at this year's QRCA is entitled "Your Brain on Qual".
Margie Rodgers
Lead Consultant, New Perspectives Marketing Research Consultants
Tel. +1 203-271-2957
Advertising, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Publishing
Angela Williams
Senior Researcher, Felton Willis. LLC
Tel. +1 513-379-2492

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