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For a unique and innovative way to test interactive software and hardware, assessing usability and user-friendliness, MobiLAB™ offers a choice of high-specification usability testing labs in all our Schlesinger Associates focus group facilities across the US and at off-site locations.

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MobiLAB™ usability testing lab

technicianAccompanied by a full-time technician, MobiLAB™
is a usability testing lab that allows clients to clearly observe and evaluate the testing on any type of interactive product including: websites, interactive software, hand-held devices, paper prototypes,
ATMs, kiosks, automated voice response systems,
etc. There service includes:

  • Two remotely controlled cameras that can be placed anywhere in a room
  • Direct inputs from a respondent's PC at full VGA resolution for website & software testing
  • Picture-in-picture display and recording in high resolution
  • 32" LCD monitor in the client viewing room
  • DVD recording of all the sessions

MobiLAB PC™ usability testing lab

Accompanied by a full-time technician, MobiLAB PC™ is a PC based usability lab that is designed with enhanced features specifically to support the testing of websites and software related products.

  • PC in the respondent room with redundant keyboard and mouse controls for easy moderator access
  • Morae™ screen capture software and a webcam provides picture-in-picture display and recording
  • Two 20" LCD monitors in the client viewing room to display the picture-in-picture
  • Real-time “video marking” of points of interest
  • DVD recording of all sessions
  • Easily supports multiple testing scenarios including IDIs, mini groups and full focus groups with up to eight users.


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, President
Interactive Video Productions
Tel. +1 (732) 970-9446 

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