Remote usability testing

MobiLAB Online™
Remote usability testing

MobiLAB Online™ is an online solution for conducting one-on-one usability interviews remotely from the comfort of the home or office.  This technology prvided by Interactive Video Productions, offers face-to-face interaction with respondents using audio and video together with the ability to share desktops for real-time observation and collaboration.

Conduct usability  interviews around the world without the need for travel. Harness the convenience and precision of web conferencing and let IVP asist in you in unlocking the untapped potential of remote usability. 

Rich multimedia  Complete mobile collaboration


  • IDIs or up to 6 individuals from any location can be interviewed simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of viewers
  • Live chat for remote observers and ability to join break-out rooms and message privately
  • Content sharing with participants from the moderator''s computer
  • Whiteboard with marker capabilities
  • Mini polls for collective answers
  • Recording of interviews with immediate archiving for up to 1 year

Respondent preparation

Prior to your study, IVP will check that participants are properly equipped and prepared for their online experience. this includes:

  • Testing of participant webcams to ensure high-quality video capture
  • Sending cameras to participants who do not possess their own webcams

Hands-on technical support

IVP provides a full-time technician to oversee the interviews and serve as a point of contact for technical support. Our staff is fully-trained on all functionality of MobiLAB Online™ and able to assist both participants, moderator and viewers with any questions that might arise.


Per day day (10 hours) - $1,500
Per one-hour interview - $200


Your local Schlesinger Associates facility director or



Bob Granito, President
Interactive Video Productions
Tel. +1.732.970.9446

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