Jury selection and courtroom consultation

Voir Dire, Questionnaires

The Jury Selection methodologies utilized entail (a) consultation prior to trial, (b) aiding in drafting written juror questionnaires and/or Voir Dire and (c) attending jury selection. The goal of this consultation is to determine which potential jurors possess (a) intractable bias or prejudice against litigants in the case and (b) intensely held values, attitudes and beliefs that would interfere with a fair and impartial evaluation of the evidence.

Schlesinger Associates provides consulting services in several areas. We formulate questions to be posed by the Court or by counsel in Voir Dire and create self-administered written questionnaires that identify and provide (a) critical areas to follow-up with additional questioning and (b) relevant feedback with which to make reasoned decisions when exercising peremptory challenges.

Shadow/Feedback Jury

This methodology includes (a) the recruitment of Respondents to attend trial sessions, (b) the interviewing of these Respondents at the end of each trial day in order to obtain written and/or oral feedback and (c) comprehensive daily consultation with the trial team. The overall goal of this methodology is to evaluate whether or not the case is proceeding according to expectations and to enable the trial team to adjust trial strategy according to "shadow juror" feedback. The benefits that are derived from this methodology include the following:

  • Provides objective viewpoints by feedback jury Respondents whose demographics closely fit the jurors in the case.
  • Identifies issues feedback jury Respondents consider most important.
  • Determines themes and most effective trial strategies during trial.
  • Allows attorney and litigants to determine the effectiveness of Opening and Closing arguments.
  • Judges value of Demonstrative and Documentary evidence.
  • Critiques attorney's overall presentation.
  • Assesses effectiveness of Key Witnesses.
  • Evaluates feedback jury Respondents' reaction to the Jury Charge.
  • In a Civil case, determines the economic value and can be utilized when negotiating settlement offers during trial.
  • In a Criminal case, assists in the negotiation of plea bargains during trial


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