Witness impact focus group

 Your key to effective witness preparation

At a deposition of your client or key witness, are there times when you are concerned that your case is "going down the drain"? Do you find yourself shocked by what your witnesses are saying and how they are saying it? Now, where are your opportunities for a good settlement? Do you have any chance at trial? When you are at trial, do you wonder if the jury is receptive to your witnesses? Do you find yourself praying that the jury is convinced of your position and not that of your adversary?

The following methodology produces results. It is recommended by our consulting firm and is relied upon by our clients who find it essential in witness preparation.

  • A pre-determined number of demographically diverse Respondents are recruited to reflect the county of venue.
  • A careful screening of Respondents assures that they neither know the witnesses/parties nor have a vested interest in the outcome of the case.
  • Respondent preconceptions, background information and case specific attitudes are elicited through an initial questionnaire.
  • A presentation briefly outlining case points is offered to the Respondents.
  • One or more of your witnesses testify - both direct and cross-examination.
  • Respondents evaluate the general impact of the testimony and assess essential credibility issues.
  • Respondent suggestions are made regarding the areas to explore in the examination of your adversary's witnesses.
  • If you have video-taped the depositions of your adversary's witnesses, additional witness preparation can be undertaken to gauge and contrast their credibility with that of your own witnesses.
  • All proceedings are audio and video taped for subsequent review in case and witness preparation.
    The feedback obtained from the Respondents is then analyzed by Schlesinger Associates to determine the most and least persuasive elements in the testimony and consider the stated and underlying reasons for such.

It is evident that the time to begin witness preparation is before depositions. Once depositions have been taken of critical witnesses, that testimony is "written in stone". It can and will be used by your adversary at trial to either (a) impeach the credibility of your witnesses or (b) bind each witness to a position that you, as the attorney, fear will destroy the case. Therefore, making absolutely certain that a critical witness in your case "gets it right" from the start and becomes an asset rather than a liability is clearly your wisest course of action. A Witness Impact Focus Group(s) is the key to assure a successful outcome for both attorney and client.

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