Scorecard competition terms & conditions

1. Free competition entry

1.1 To participate in the European Championship Scorecard Competition, you must be a recipient of our email invitation to participate.
1.2 You must register on our European Championships Scorecard Competition website via the url link provided in our email invitation by the date specified on our invitation
1.3 You must also follow the terms specified on that site.
1.4 When you register for the competition, you must provide all the basic information requested by us in order to complete your registration.
1.5 Schlesinger Associates staff, including staff of The research House, Schmiedl Marketforscung, Passerelles, and ConsuMed are eligable to participate but will not be edible to claim a prize.
1.6 Any wins by staff of these companies will be passed over and awarded to the player with the next most precise result prediction.

2. Competition winner

2.1 The winner will be selected by the Managing Director of Schmiedl Marktforschung, A Schlesinger Associates Company.
2.2 The player with the most precise European Championship results prediction at the end of the Championship will be declared the winner. The player with the second most precise results prediction will be declared the runner up and will receive the second prize.
2.3 In the event that two or more players have equally precise results predictions, a choice of first or second prizes will be offered to each joint winner.

3.Notification of the winner

3.1 Competition winners will be notified personally within 2 weeks of the competition's final results..
3.2 At the time of notification only, you may request that we make a donation to the monetary value of your prize to your preferred registered charity instead of receiving your prize.
3.3 There are no cash alternatives available directly to players for prizes.

4. Prizes

4.1 Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute prizes of similar quality at any time. We will give as much notice as we reasonably
can when doing this. Any such amendments will be published on the website.
4.2 In the event that an advertised prize subsequently becomes unavailable, we will provide an alternative prize of at least equal monetary value .
4.3 Prizes will only be shipped to the countries in the EU, Canada and the USA.
4.4 Prizes will be shipped within 60 days of the announcement of the winner.
4.5 Occasionally, delivery may be affected by factors beyond our control and so delivery cannot be guaranteed within this timeframe.
4.6 We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or color of the prizes shown in our email invitation are an exact reproduction of the appearance and/or color of the prizes themselves.

5. Returning prizes

5.1 In the unlikely event that you receive a prize which is faulty, please notify Schlesinger Associates as soon as possible. You will then be given instructions for free return of your prize which you should follow precisely. Please obtain proof of posting. We will send you a replacement prize within 60 days of the faulty prize being received by us, subject to stock availability.
5.2 We cannot guarantee that we will be able to replace the faulty prize with the same prize. However, we will endeavor to provide a similar replacement.
5.3 Faulty prizes must be notified to us within 10 days of receipt of the prize by you. We will not replace prizes where faults arise from normal wear and tear or accidental damage. We are unable to exchange prizes for any other reason other than the prize being faulty.

6. Limitation of liability

6.1 Neither we nor any of our employees will be liable to you for any loss or damage incurred by you arising out of or in connection with your participation in the competition including, without limitation, indirect, or consequential loss or damage, loss of anticipated revenues, loss of business opportunities, loss of goodwill, loss or corruption of data or damage to reputation resulting from (a)
your decision to register for this competition (b) your inability to register your participation or (c) our failure to deliver a prize.
6.2 If your prize is faulty we will replace your prize in accordance with paragraph 5. above. This will be our only liability to you for a faulty prize.

7. Use of data

7.1 We are committed to ensuring that your personal information is used properly and is kept securely. We use technical and organizational security measures in order to protect the data we have under our control against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorized persons.
7.2 A full description of how your data will be used is set out in our Privacy Policy.
7.3. By submitting personal information to us, you are consenting to the processing of your personal information by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

8. Termination of competition entry

8.1 We may refuse your request for a competition entry and terminate your registration if at any time we suspect that you have been involved in:
(a) any abuse or attempted abuse of the competition rules.
(b) any breach or attempted breach of these Terms.

9. General

9.1 We reserve the right to amend or update these Terms and Conditions Where we do this, we shall advertise any such amendments on the website.
9.2 If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact Stephan Lange.