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Have you heard?

I am delighted to announce that MedQuery has joined Schlesinger Associates.  Our MedQuery team is now located at the Schlesinger Qualitative office in Downtown Chicago, an Impulse Survey top-rated facility.

Our new address

Schlesinger Associates
625 North Michigan Avenue
26th Floor, Suite 2600. Chicago, IL 60611
Tel.: +1 (312) 698-4389  

We have also launched MedQuery|Advisors, merging MedQuery’s highly reputed medical recruiting operation with Schlesinger Advisors’ capabilities in connecting knowledge seekers with thought leaders.  The result is a single specialized solution for projects presenting challenging and high-end health care recruitment.

What would you like to do next?

Our decision to join the Schlesinger family allows us to grow our  services of high-level medical data collection consultation and delivery by leveraging the resources and footprint of Schlesinger with a fully aligned team and culture.

I look forward to talking to you soon about how we can support your healthcare research needs.

Chris Lee
Chris Lee,
Executive Vice President
Schlesinger Qualitative Solutions - US Medical MedQuery|Advisors

T. +1 (312) 698-4385

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