Facility specifications

In-home simulation

Room dimensions Capacity Style/features
Living room 18'6"x21'6" 7 Modern living room environment with a sofa,  4 chairs and a complete home entertainment system.  Viewed through CC TV.


Room dimensions

Capacity Style/features
47 + 3 additional seats Theater style seating, HD/3D projector, 7.1 surround sound, guest input available, podium, microphones for up to 4 people, viewed through CC TV.

Usability lab

Room Dimensions Capacity Style/features

Usability lab


8 PCs w/24 inch monitors, connections to gaming consoles, 2 guest inputs, 2 46 inch HDTVs

1 60-inch HDTV, 8 ceiling-mounted cameras.

Viewing room 14 One way mirror, 2 46 inch TV, 11 24 inch displays

Conference room

Room Dimensions Capacity Style/features
Conference room 17'5"x12'9" 10 Smart board, projector, guest input


Eye tracking room

Room Dimensions Capacity Style/features

Eye tracking room

1 PC w/ 24 inch IPS monitor, 60 inch 3D/HD TV


Focus group room

Room Dimensions Capacity Style/features
Conference Room 20'9"x15'8" 12

8 guest inputs, 2 47 inch HD TVs, 4 ceiling mounted cameras

Viewing Room 10

One way mirror, 2 46 inch HD TVs, 2 24 inch monitors


Innovation room

Room Dimensions Capacity Style/features
23'6"x22'6" Standing room only

Large open play space, VR headsets, including: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, (3) Samsung Gear VRs (w/ Samsung Galaxy S6 phones), Microsoft HoloLens, Google Daydream (w/ Google Pixel XL phone)

Medialab overview


  • BDI Acquisition

    June 22, 2017 - Schlesinger is excited to announce the acquisition of BDI Research, a research services company with facilities in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

  • 360 immersive video

    October 14, 2016 - Introducing 360° immersive video for focus groups. The system features 360° cameras that put observers at the center of the conversation, creating a whole new experience for observers and compelling video for researchers.

  • Young Professionals Grant

    September 5, 2016 - Schlesinger has once again collaborated with the QRCA to fund the Young Professionals Grant to give young qualitative research professionals the opportunity to attend the QRCA annual conference.

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