Passerelles Facility in Paris Has Been Refurbished


What's New at Passerelles?

Our modern facility offers high-specification focus group suites, designed with all your research needs and comfort in mind.


  • Opera studio now has the option of adding dual perspective viewing and recording
  • Alternatively, a new dividing wall, in the same studio, offers with more cost-effective options for IDIs and Dyads.
  • Contemporary furniture, selected for your comfort
  • Flexible formal and informal layouts
  • Spacious studios and viewing rooms
  • HD recording
  • FocusVision 360 Immersive Video
  • On-demand access to your recordings


View the 3d floor plan


With the completion of the Passerelles Atelier refurbishment, we now have 10 contemporary suites in Central Paris.

We look forward to welcoming you to Passerelles in 2017!



Olivier Duvallet 
Director, Passerelles


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